View Private Instagram Accounts and Photos

view private insgagram photos

Today we are talking about 2020 Tips on how to see private Instagram profile of any accounts. Yes you read it right i will be talking more in detail below about how you can view private Instagram photos of anyone who has set their profile as private in Instagram.

As we know Instagram is one of the biggest social network that is currently owned by Facebook. Also, a matter fact that lot of girls these days are busy on Instagram rather than Facebook. People create their account on IG to share and engage with other people. It is mainly focused on Photos based status updates.

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What is an Instagram account ?

If you are unaware about Instagram account let me tell you what is it and how you can create your own instagram account.

Any one who sign ups on the official website with their email address gets an account on Instagram. If you don’t have one, you can signup to Instagram with your email address and experience IG style.

What are Instagram private accounts ?

Any account that is created on Instagram is public. But now there is a feature that allows the account owner to allow or restrict people from following them or watching their photo updates. So any account which you can’t follow normally is a private account. To follow them you should send a Follow request to the account owner.

Similarly, you can’t view the photos of private accounts. You can only view private photos of any Instagram account once you are allowed to follow the user after you send a follow request.

You can’t communicate i.e. chat, watch live video, and view private photos of private Instagram accounts. You need to send a follow request to the profile before you gain access to the profile.

So isn’t it possible to view private Instagram profiles without following ?

Officially there is no any method to view private Instagram accounts. But a big shout out to the programmers who developed the tools that enable us to view any private profile photos without any issues.

We are proud that we were allowed to share this private photo viewer publicly to our visitors.

Before public release, we did a couple of testing to confirm it doesn’t violate any of the Instagram policies and user privacy. It successfully passed the tests and we were able to view private instagram photos. So, now we present this awesome tool to the public as a gift in 2020.

How to view private photos on Instagram?

It is easy and you only need to follow simple steps to make this tool work. Don’t worry it will not ask you anything

How to view private instagram accounts using our online tool ?

  • Step 1: Click and Navigate to IG Stalker Tool
  • Step 2: Enter the Target’s IG Username
  • Step 3: Confirm the User
  • Step 4: Select what you want to view
  • Step 5: Confirm User Details
  • Step 6: Enjoy

Click Here For IG Private Profile Viewer Tool

Why is the best for viewing private Instagram accounts?


At, our service is totally free to use when compared to other similar tools in the market. But that doesn’t mean that would reflect directly on the quality of our service. On the contrary, not only is our tool is free, but we also guarantee real results.

Reliable and Trustworthy

Our service is in compliance with Instagram policies. It’s just a simple tweaked loophole we discovered that is helping us to make this possible. You should not worry while using our service to view private Instagram photos, as it is 100% legal and secret way that even the tech genius behind Instagram is not able to figure out. Your security is our topmost priority so even Instagram will not know that you had used our service.

100% SAFE and Secure

We use end to end encryption mode to keep all the data safe. You might get a lot of scam websites that pretend to work but fail. Our service is trusted and verified by thousands of users just within a month of lunch. So you can be sure how much safe and secure our website service is.

No Downloads Required

This is the main reason why people love using our Private Instagram Viewer service. It is quick and easy to follow. You will get to view all the private photos of any account that you desire with our tool.

99% Uptime and Success

We know you love our tool as it works like magic. But we also understand that not every people in this world are good. As our tool become popular so fast, we started being attacked frequently. To prevent this we have introduced a verification to filter all the automated queries. Don’t worry, there is nothing big to do. You will get to download 2 apps from the official GOOGLE PLAY STORE or APPLE STORE on your mobile phone and use it for like 30-40 seconds each.

That’s it. Once you complete the verification your request will be processed to our backdoor script to get serve your request. This will now allow you to view the private Instagram account you wanted to see. We are proud to announce our tool works 99% time to the users.

We recommend users to use Android mobile or iPhone while trying our tool for best performance.